The many faces of Dave

These pictures are here merely to remind me that I don't look anything like I used to look, and to make you laugh. :)


davedreads.jpg (134693 bytes)

This is me in Cancun with dreads.  Plus, I was fat then!  It cost $6 to make my hair this ugly.  For some reason, customs wanted to search my bags when I tried to return to the US...


davetermites.jpg (90532 bytes)

This is me in Belize eating live termites which I got by sticking my finger into a termite mound in the middle of the jungle near the Lamanai Mayan ruins.  They taste like pine nuts...and I would eat them again.

davewaffle.jpg (58503 bytes)

This is me, a Belgian, eating a Belgian waffle, in Brussels, Belgium.  If you can't see the humor in that, it's because you're slow.