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"An effective way to deal with predators is to taste terrible."
 -- Anonymous

This web site is operated by Dave Asprey.  Most of my relatives are in Las Cruces and Roswell, New Mexico or in Northern California's Central and Silicon Valleys.  You can send email here

I'm now an independent consultant for technology startups and VCs (see my bio).  I was a founder of the 1200-person professional services group at Exodus Communications, but Exodus went bankrupt and got acquired by Cable & Wireless, who also went bankrupt and were acquired by Savvis.  I was responsible for evaluating potential investments and creating company strategy to address changes in the marketplace and new technologies, including an early utility computing/hosting automation service. In my copious spare time,  I just finished getting my MBA at Wharton and I'm an independent consultant specializing in product management, fundraising, and corporate strategy for technology startups.  I also finished working on part of a book for PricewaterhouseCoopers.   For fun, I travel (most recently to China, Cambodia, Nepal, and Tibet), study brain chemistry to learn how to minimize aging and increase intelligence (link), shoot at inanimate things.

Download my free, very effective advertising banner blocking "software" at this link.

Posting my  pictures on the Internet probably just removed the last vestiges of my cyberpunk coolness besides the mirrored shades and the leather jacket.  At least I'm not feeling any strange urges to read "Family Circus."  Yet.

In case you miss the old www.asprey.net from my adolescence, you can see it here in it's former splendor.  I've retained the biting wit, harsh colors, and general attitude problem from the good old days before I sold out to the man