Why you should believe this

I'm basically a hacker.  I like to figure out how things work.  I've done it with complex networks for years, and a few years ago, I realized I could "troubleshoot" my own body  to prevent or solve health problems.  It all started when I read something about how to cure the painful canker sores I used to get in my throat.   They plagued me growing up and showed no signs of abating.  I learned that canker sores are often caused by a deficiency in B vitamins.  I bought a cheap B-complex vitamin and haven't had canker sores ever since.  From that time, I slowly started to read more publications - magazines, books, and web sites.  I tried what I read to see what would work.  I changed my diet and lost 50 pounds in 3 months.   The side effect was that I was calmer, more focused, and had more energy.  I began to study to find what I could do to get even more energy and mental focus without using stimulants or anything that causes long term damage.  For a more dramatic explanation of how I've changed, read this short page.
After about 5 years and countless books and subscriptions, I am an extropian -- I support the scientific goal of using technology to extend life span, not just cure disease. I also believe technology can help to improve the "equipment" we were born with, and I actively manage many facets of my biochemistry. 

This web site is my attempt to share how I do it, with the goal of answering many of the questions I hear from friends and family.   I also hope that others seeking to do what I've done can use this site as a starting point.  There is no question  that anyone can dramatically improve the quality of their life with some of the things I talk about here.

Welcome.  If you have any questions, feel free to send me an  email, even if I don't know you.  I'll answer it if I can.

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